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Valued clients understand some contractors and more so trainees change schedules many times during the year that is why we try to be flexible.  However we reserve the right and will charge a fee for cancellations that take up places of others or take the Instructor off normal schedules that could have been otherwise spent taking care of our valued clients.

We (our Company and Instructors) reserve the right to modify contents and schedules to facilitate instruction and needs, for of our military or federal civilian employment obligations, or federal deployment, business, trainees needs (tardiness or emergencies) and employer’s request. We are not responsible or liable for any loss of time by others.

We do not represent ourselves as being any part of the federal government or agency as this company is private and does not have any conflict with the US Government as we are solely family owned.

Terms and conditions: SERVICES REQUIRE A SIGNED AGREEMENT and/or REGISTRATION FORM, Valid ID required and/or credit card.  By registering for training, Purchase Order, other and if paid by credit card you are agreeing to the credit card company’s terms and conditions for payment and the following terms:  Contract for payment on demand unless indicated otherwise. Prepay at time of service unless credit application on file or as an established customer.  All courses are tentative until invoiced and payment is received and trainees sign in. Client agrees to pay within Thirty Days (30 Days) unless established account that allows Net 60, past due an interest fee of 15 % Per Mo. or the highest allowed by the state the lower of the two shall apply, will be charged thereafter; non-payment subject to costs for recovery.  We reserve the right to Sub-Contract all or a portion of our services.  Other binding terms shall be on registration signed for payment these terms and those are binding and the latter shall supersede in the event of any conflicting terms. [Client and all related persons receiving service and / or by the authorized person signing agreeing to Hendy; Hendy Company, Super Safety or Chicago Safety Institute, premises, or any others e.g. staff, instructors & our contractors, and any property owners collectively (us) for any of our services agree to hold us harmless, indemnify, and defend David for any accidents, personal Injury, lost time, injuries, property damage and/or to be not liable for any circumstances.] Furthermore you shall pay any attorney fees for us to recover our loss.  Other than extremely gross negligence.  This is because we do not supervise your employees Nor do we offer or give medical physicals.  Cancellation Policy: To Cancel FAX and Call ten (10) business days before the class to be free thereafter no refunds, (773) 538-3333 and FAX (773) 538-8080 While we do our best to accommodate your schedule we sometimes have limited seats, supply and demand.  You agree [CANCELLATION less than < 10 DAYS WE CHARGE FULL PRICE FOR SAFETY TRAINING / EXCEPT FOR MSHA less than < 3 DAYS and OSHA 10 or 30 Hour DOL Courses.  Payment on demand upon invoice or for online or correspondence at upon invoice and/or registration.  No exceptions without our written approval for cancellation (books and the original certifications must be recovered). [NO CANCELATIONS BETWEEN December 15 and January 1, WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS will not be be refunded]  No refunds in order to cover our cost, no show no refund, and online training or correspondence no refunds after 24 hours of registration.  If  WE CANCEL there is a FULL REFUND for cancellation.  We reserve the right to cancel, or refuse admittance of anyone for any reason, or due to availability of instructors, assess & Access locations or training needs or based on supply and demands to modify prices at any time. We may cancel e.g. due to scheduling & to answer our client’s and Emergency Response needs. You agree your Cancellations and rescheduling fees shall apply $50.00 minimum in addition to our written approval if full price is waived; (Example  with letter for dated after booking drug test failure & military activation excluded, Dr. Letter Medical Emergency, Court letter Jury Duty). We do not refund last minute project cancellations as we have costs too. We can perform at your facility on a cost plus 15% basis, $18.50 per hour for travel hours more than 40 miles.  Seats guaranteed only upon payment.  Pay by Corporate, or Certified Check, Money Order or Credit Card w/ processing fee.  Late payments ANY course incur interest 15 % Per Month (or maximum allowable by law (No Exceptions) and [VOID ALL DISCOUNTS and for HAZWOPER Effective March 20, 2017, If you don’t have an approved credit account here please apply, or pay prior to services.  Paying after 4 hours day of HAZWOPER training is late registration and list price $995.00 for 40-Hour Courses and pay $250 for 8 Hour Refresher except correspondence that is thirty days from the date of registration where applicable.  Anyone may cancel in the first 4 hours (four) for a refund and EXCEPT less when Company has guest paid speakers or instructors travel and shipping we incur cost plus +15%.  We are not responsible for any unforeseeable travel delays we can not anticipate or delivery dates. If at our location anyone may cancel for free if signed in on time and within first four 4 Hours only; drop outs and no shows shall be paid for taking up valued limited seating, exceptions are Medical Emergency, Military Call Out and or Jury Duty. If any part of this agreement shall be found not applicable it shall not restrict the other parts from being applicable all participants shall be covered by their own or employer(s)’ workers compensation, or their own insurance or employers and assume their own responsibility for any whatsoever accident or causation. That is solely the individual or employers responsibility you agree your employees are physically fit to get this training 29 CFR 1910.120(f). [Warning actual work conditions may differ from training we DISCLAIM any written or spoken information and it may only be applicable at the time of training it is for educational purposes only.] [We do not endorse any Manufactures products for any purpose]. [Warning actual work conditions may differ from training we DISCLAIM any written or spoken information and it may only be applicable at the time of training it is for educational purposes only.] [We do not endorse any Manufactures products for any purpose].

This is because we do not supervise your employees or give your employees medical physicals.  Gov. / group discounts may be available. (Authorized Representative for Company to Sign for Payment of Services agreeing to above terms and conditions)   X___________________________________________________________________ Date _________________

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